Founded between 4th and 3rd Century B.C., Montepulciano sits nearly 2,000 feet in elevation and is located in the province of Siena in the southeastern Tuscany. As one of the steepest hill towns in Italy, Montepulciano offers breathtaking views over the beautiful countryside that surrounds it including the Val di Chiana.

Cars are not permitted in the town center, making it an inviting and truly exhilarating walking town with its enchanting palaces, churches, fortresses, and towers. Montepulciano is famous for its wine with many vineyards situated nearby. Renowned for its pork, cured meats, cheese, hand-rolled “pici” pasta, lentils, and honey, it is perhaps best known for its remarkable wines. In the Piazza Grande, there are several shops that offer wine tasting from local vineyards.

Just outside the walls of the town, the renaissance Tempio di San Biagio beckons travelers to walk or drive and take in its lovely Greek cross style architecture and bucolic setting.

Montepulciano presents itself as a destination rich in every sense, and beckons the adventurous traveler to stop and partake in its many delights.