Assisi is a hill town in central Italy’s Umbria region in the province of Perugia. It was the birthplace of St. Francis (1181–1226), one of Italy’s patron saints, who began the Franciscan religious order in the year 1208. Several churches have connections to St. Francis . The Basilica of St. Francis is a massive, 2-level church, consecrated in 1253. Its 13th-century frescoes portraying the life of St. Francis have been attributed to Giotto and Cimabue, among others. The crypt houses the saint’s stone sarcophagus.

Other sights include the Roman amphitheater, built in the early 1st century AD. Its elliptical plan is identifiable from the medieval houses built around it.

This beautiful little town has been the destination of pilgrims for centuries and many saints come from here. It was under Papal rule in the mid 1400’s. There is beautiful countryside, ancient town structures, and sacred ground in this special little town just southeast of Perugia.